About Calvin

Calvin Turnquest was born in Nassau, Bahamas, into a family with a long tradition of public service and deep involvement with the church. Calvin was raised with the values of hard work, service to others, and faith in God.

Calvin applied for an F-1 visa in 1989 to attend the University of Miami, where he earned a Bachelors degree in Chemistry and a minor in Biology. He then worked to earn his Green Card. Calvin took the oath of U.S. Citizenship in September, 1999 and calls it his proudest day.

Calvin moved to the Village of Tequesta in November 2004, and opened a small business. The challenges of entrepreneurship, and a growing concern for the economic direction of the country, led Calvin to become active in local issues.  In January, 2005 Calvin was elected to the Tequesta Oaks Home Owners Association, where he later served as Treasurer, Vice-president, Director and Secretary.

In March 2007, Calvin won a seat on the Village of Tequesta’s Council. He was subsequently re-elected for two more terms and was then voted in as Vice-Mayor.

As the nation’s economy teetered on the edge in 2009, Calvin became active in Republican and conservative groups, and became an outspoken leader for fiscal reform, personal responsibility, and protecting America’s values at home and interests abroad. He is active in the Palm Beach Tea Party, and the Chapter leader for the Boca Raton Tea Party. He has sought to expand his message of conservative empowerment to groups outside the traditional GOP coalition, often speaking with, and working, in the Caribbean and black community across party lines to attract new voters.

“Our values are the same: faith, family, and the hope of a better life for our children, grandchildren and beyond.”