All Aboard Florida Forum – Why I Won’t Be There

I will not be attending tonight’s All Aboard Florida forum in Stuart.

I cannot make it clearer that, as a true Constitutional Conservative, I believe in local governance and in allowing state and local elected officials to do the job they’ve been elected to do.

Simply put, take out the funding issue (and I am 100% opposed to Federal funding for this project), and AAF is not a Federal issue in any way.

Politicians and candidates who claim their conservative status while at the same time trying to make a Federal issue out of everything possible have a different understanding of what conservatism is about than I do.

What is clear, is that Patrick Murphy will talk about anything other than his dismal liberal record of voting in Congress. He’d much rather gin up attention and emotions about issues he’ll never debate or vote on in DC, than have to answer for his full-throated support of the jobs and economy killing policies of this Administration.