Billy & Karen Vaughn Respond to Carl Domino’s Personal Attack on Me

Dear Mr. Domino,

In a Facebook post dated April 25, 2014, you wrote, “Unfortunately Calvin [Turnquest] chose not to emulate me in serving in the Armed Forces.” You went on to describe Calvin as a lesser man than you, simply because he felt led to follow a different path with his life.

Since most of us in America have not served in the military, your statements raise a serious question about how you perceive those you wish to represent. Are we all lesser men and women because we chose not to “emulate” you?

In the last paragraph of your post you explained that you fought for the freedoms the rest of us enjoy. We admire you for it. Didn’t you fight for Calvin’s freedom as well? Or did you only fight for those who will never run against you in a Congressional race?

We are the parents of a humble warrior who lost his life on the battlefield of Afghanistan and we are stunned by your chest-pounding regarding your service.

We never heard our son boast about his service to this nation. And we certainly never heard him speak with disdain toward those who lived out the freedoms he fought and ultimately died for…the freedom to choose their own path in life…to become what they were uniquely created to become.

Only a select few believe they have the right to tell the rest of us what our “calling” should have been. Americans have come to detest this level of arrogance…an ideology so sadly pervasive in politics today.

We have become acquainted with Calvin, and know him to be a man with a great deal of honor and respect for those who have served this nation in the Armed Forces. We also believe him to be a humble man with new ideas and a true desire to serve with nobility and respect for others.

We are grateful and indebted to all who have chosen the path you chose, sir, but are insulted by the way you have politicized this issue.

Respectfully yours,

Billy and Karen Vaughn,
Gold Star Parents of Special Operations Chief, Aaron Vaughn, Navy SEAL (SEAL Team VI)