One of the fundamental obligations of the Federal government, set forth in the Constitution, is to provide for the common defense of the citizens. Given the sweeping failures of this Administration’s policies in places, like Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, and Libya, America’s military forces are at a crossroads. We must refocus our forces, training, weapons acquisition, and military doctrine on the missions that will define the next generation of threats to America. Included in those threats, are Iran’s rising nuclear capability, an increasingly territorial China, and a more distributed and deadly threat from radical Islamic groups like Al Qaeda.

When American puts its men and women at risk overseas we must have a clear national security interest with a defined mission and clear terms for success.  We must restore the confidence that America is a stalwart ally, and a fearsome opponent.

Florida is one of the states with the highest concentration of veterans, and we must absolutely keep our commitment to the men and women, of every generation, who have fought and died for our nation by reforming and improving the VA health care system.

America’s intelligence and surveillance resources must be focused on foreign terrorists, and legitimate intelligence targets, not American citizens.