Endorsement from Michael DiTerlizzi

Our community is very different from the rest of South Florida, and we like it that way. We like things a little slower, we enjoy large open green spaces, and a clean environment. Our four story height limit and our low density is the envy of many Floridians.

I mention these things because it is time that Floridians elect someone to Congress that understands local issues, has deep roots in the community, is not part of the typical “Washington Establishment,” and is not afraid to openly discuss his/her faith and beliefs.

Having served as Martin County Commissioner for eight years, and currently serving as a Martin County School Board Member, I have worked with hundreds of elected officials throughout Florida and the United States.  Once in a while, someone stands out above the crowd and gives hope that they really can make a difference.

Calvin Turnquest is that person.

Calvin has served the community, making a difference all along the way. I believe Calvin will make a difference in Washington, and that is why I strongly give my endorsement to his campaign. Calvin is a gentleman, a family man, and a true conservative.

I am proud to call him my friend, and I am asking you to help me send him to Washington to represent the people of 18th Congressional District.

Michael DiTerlizzi