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“Turnquest, who has high crossover appeal among voters in the district, is a leading candidate for the Republican nomination, and most believe he is the Republican most likely to unseat the Democratic incumbent.”

 South Florida Carribean News

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Charles McGuinness

Politico says #FL18 leans D? Let’s see who wins the GOP primary. I still think @CalvinTurnquest wins in November.

Charles McGuinness of

Marc Caputo, Miami Herald

“This election, like other midterms, will likely lean more Republican. Carroll’s cameo aside, Murphy is in a dicey position — especially if he faces a black candidate like Turnquest, who isn’t as prone to off-the-cuff remarks as West, and can probably draw some crossover votes in a district where almost 10 percent of the registered voters are African-American.”

Marc Caputo, Miami Herald

Sunshine State News, 2/19/2014

“Turnquest has been turning up the heat on Murphy.”
Sunshine State News


“The other GOP contenders have plenty of time to ramp up their social media presence, but it is my observations that Mr. Turnquest has a natural fluency with social media that may be hard for them to surpass.”


You look at the #FL18 candidates, how do you NOT automatically fall in the @CalvinTurnquest camp?

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