My Response to Carl Domino’s Cheap Personal Attack

Carl, I honor your service to our country, as I honor the service given by every man or woman who has ever worn the uniform.

I regret that you’ve chosen to diminish that service, as part of a shabby political attack on me.

Carl, you don’t seem to have taken the honorable values that led you to serve with you into the political arena. If you want to use your service to our country as the sole reason for asking for the peoples’ vote, I can understand that. The honor and importance of your service in the Navy is one of the few things on which we agree.

We disagree on your support for Common Core. You voted for the bill that forced Common Core down the throats of Florida school kids and teachers.

We disagree on the infanticide perpetuated by Planned Parenthood. Carl, be honest; you were (and maybe still are…you’re awfully quiet about it) a supporter of Planned Parenthood, which butchers thousands of infants a year.

We disagree on your embrace of Charlie Crist’s agenda while you served in the Florida House. You were a Charlie Crist cheerleader with everything but the pompoms. You were a full-throated supporter of Charlie, even appearing with him in television commercials…and now you’ve been begging Charlie’s longtime political hatchetmen for support.

We disagree with you for waiting until the last minute — months after your friend Charlie Crist embraced Barack Obama and his disastrous, job killing agenda — to finally leave Team Charlie.

We disagree on your votes for higher taxes on Florida families.

We disagree on the kind of campaign we should be running; I’ve been talking about the issues with conservative activists at the grass roots. The first time you truly engage is a nasty, personal attack on me. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. The kind of vile, dirty personal campaign you ran against Mary Lynn Magar is still fresh in our minds.

And with all due respect, Carl…I don’t think you’d know a Constitutional Conservative if one slapped you in the face. You’ve been part of the lobbyist-driven, big-money insider club for so long you think the Tea Party is something out of Alice in Wonderland. I’m sure you’d fit right in with the Establishment Republicans in DC, who can’t wait to sell our conservative principles to Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.

So you’re right, Carl.

I didn’t serve in the military.

But if you think that, for one minute, it gives you a free pass to run the kind of nasty, personal campaign that liberal, Establishment Republicans use against real conservatives, you’ve got another thing coming.

With best regards,