Obamacare cannot be saved. It’s time to repeal this disaster, and replace it with smart, market-centered reforms that put patients and doctors before the trillion-dollar price tag, higher premiums, lost coverage, government intrusion into family health-care decisions, and bureaucratic nightmares in the President’s signature plan.  Barack Obama’s latest unilateral, and lawless, decision to delay Obamacare’s employer mandate is even more proof that the law is a failure that will inevitably hurt American families, businesses, and continue to burden our struggling economy.

Americans know that Obamacare is driving up their insurance costs, forcing them off plans they were promised they could keep, and breaking the sacred trust between doctors and patients.  Obamacare’s dead-enders, like my opponent, are blocking the kind of smart, positive reforms that could leverage the greatest doctors, health technology and biomedical research in the world into a health care system centered on patients, not on a socialist-medicine fantasy generated by Washington bureaucrats.