It’s time for an honest conversation about immigration in Washington, and I’m uniquely qualified to lead it.

As a legal immigrant to this country, this question of immigration reform is personal to me. I came to American from the Bahamas legally on an F-1 Visa in 1989. I worked hard to earn my Green Card, and then on the proudest day of my life, earned my American citizenship. I followed the law. I paid my taxes. I played by the rules. For those who wish to join the American family, they must do the same.

We should take immigration one step at a time, beginning with border security. Border security is the fundamental pillar of national security, and the first step in any immigration reform must be mandatory steps to seal the border using law enforcement, border fencing, advanced surveillance technology, and military forces as needed. There should be no special, new paths to citizenship, and absolutely no amnesty.  Washington also needs leaders who are willing to admit that our current system of seeking citizenship is outdated and inefficient, and will commit to improving the legal process.

America welcomed me, and I believe we should behave with respect and compassion to those who seek to become citizens. We should treat those who aspire to a better life in America with dignity, but for those who break the law, who cross the border illegally, and who come here with no intention of playing by the rules, justice should be swift and certain.