Out-of-control government spending and crushing national debt are by far the greatest threats Florida, and our nation, face.

Washington DC politicians, in both parties, are to blame for our $16 trillion national debt, and for endless deficit spending. For Democrats, wasting the taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars is a team sport. For Republicans, far too many on our own side talk a big game, then belly up to the trough of big spending and trading favors with DC lobbyists. Both sides share the blame, and it’s time for the real discipline that only a Balanced Budget Amendment can bring.

Basic fiscal responsibility is lost on Washington: the federal government should spend no more than it takes in. Deficits need to be corrected and cut, not used as a crutch, nor as and endless cycle of kicking tough decisions down the road. I’ll lead on vital entitlement reform that keeps the promises we’ve made to seniors, but that doesn’t discourage work and responsibility. Spending more, borrowing more, then borrowing to pay the interest on the spending is a downward spiral. Not only does that pattern rob future generations of security, it acts contrary to our current issues of national security. Only the Balanced Budget Amendment, the standard bearer of real fiscal discipline, can get us out of the mess both parties have created.

I’ll vote against raising the debt ceiling until we have meaningful new restrictions on the growth of government spending on more wasteful government programs. I’ll vote to freeze the pay of Federal contractors who can currently make almost a million dollars a year. And I’ll end special-interest favors, and lobbyist payoffs for legislation that says one thing but does another.