The Smell of DCCC Fear

“I love the smell of DCCC fear in the morning.”

On Monday, Nancy Pelosi’s DCCC (the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) launched the first, of what will likely be many, attack ads against my campaign. The good news is, that they understand what many don’t yet grasp – I am the greatest threat to Patrick Murphy, among the Republicans running in the primary. 

The better news is this. The worst attack they can bring against me is a vague line, trying to scare voters into believing that I will somehow “sell out the middle class.” This is laughable, from the political party whose policies and ideas have kept the middle class in this country from thriving for several generations.

Without exception, every single policy of the Democrats, has intentionally kept the middle class from upward economic mobility, and strangles their hopes for prosperity, greater freedom, and a robust retirement season of life. The “Obama Recovery” has led to the lowest labor force participation rate in decades. That’s why we’ve decided to respond.

Worse still, their policies have given us one of the slowest economic recoveries known to man, and they continue to write policy that will keep the middle class stagnant, instead of inspired.

Countless middle class families have felt the crush of ObamaCare, the weight of trying to keep small businesses alive amidst regulation and government interference, and they continue to fear the growing role of government as the arbiter of every decision for raising and educating their children. Even worse, a report in Forbes just this week pointed out that health insurance premiums in Florida have increased 37%. 

It’s time to put an end to the Patrick Murphy era of progressive puppetry. Will you donate today, and help create a new era of congressional policy that wants more for the middle class, than a government who will decide what they can and cannot achieve? Will you help me expose why Nancy Pelosi’s DCCC fears me the most, among the candidates in this race?

Let’s make history together.